How to use Kimsufi Rescue mode

You have to put your server in Rescue mode before you can download and install my templates.

Here is a quick guide how to use Kimsufi Rescue mode.

In your control panel, make sure Monitoring is disable, then go to Netboot

Click on Rescue, and select rescue64-pro and then Next

Click on Confirm.

Then click on Restart – wait on a e-mail from Kimsufi/OVH with your login info.

Use that info in your Terminal (I use Putty) and in command line use the command for whatever template you want on your server.

When the template is downloaded, you click on Netboot one more time, and then click on Hard disk, then Next

Click on Confirm

And then click on Restart.

When you get the email from Kimsufi/OVH tht your server is restarted, then wait 5-8 minutes and try to login via your Remote Desktop Client.